Silver-Spotted Butterfly

Silver-Spotted Butterfly

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Monarch Watch at the Triple C Ranch

On August 22nd from 2-5 pm Robert Spiegel, Executive Director of the Edison Wetlands Association, will be hosting a Monarch Watch at the Triple C Ranch and Nature Center. Admission for the event will be $5. Admission is free for…

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Summer Interns join EWA’s successful Internship By Robert P. Spiegel, Executive Director

  The Edison Wetlands Association has accepted three interns for their summer internship program. They are Stuart J. Brown, Alison Kessler from Ramapo College of New Jersey and Andrew Witterschein from Kings College of Pennsylvania. “These three young interns bring…

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Hiking to Terrace Pond by Thomas W. Gorman

One thing that amazes people who are not from New Jersey is that our little state has so many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiasts which can be from simple walks in a park, to fishing, birding, mountain biking, hiking and…

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Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road? By Robert Spiegel, Executive Director, Edison Wetlands Association (EWA) and Alison Kessler, Intern, Edison Wetlands Association (EWA)

Why did the turtle cross the road?  The answer, of course, is to get to the other side! Depending on the road and on the day, the turtles may instead become a meal for the buzzards. Driving down Middlesex County Road…

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No Kidding Around by Regina Geoghan

Like all kids of toddler age, these little tykes are having a wonderful time scampering around enjoying the greenery of summer. Alternately sharing and squabbling, they eat, drink, nap and wander around exploring everything they come in contact with at…

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Keeping a Close Eye on our Osprey By Don Torino

Encircled by the noise of the never ending Northern New Jersey traffic, high above the oblivious and ceaseless commuters and placed precariously and perhaps symbolically on a metal man made structure is a Pair of Osprey, and you can be sure that not too far away there is Jim Macaluso keeping a very close eye on this pair of nesting New jersey endangered species. 

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The Red-Winged Blackbird by Thomas W. Gorman

The Red-winged Blackbird is one of the easiest birds to identify, especially the male of the species. The male is a shiny deep black color with a bright red and yellow shoulder patch which is readily noticeable in most situations.

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