Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

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AUTUMN – A CELEBRATION OF NATURE Regina Geoghan – November 2015

I’m not sure why – perhaps because I was a cusp of autumn baby or partly because I am now in my autumn years of life, but whatever the reason, autumn is my season. In spring, I delight in the…

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We Are Back

To our many readers, friends, and contributors,   We are back up and running on the Wild New Jersey blog and I wanted to thank everyone for their patience in this time that the Wild New Jersey blog has been…

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Scanning the sky for returning migrating hawks By: Thomas W. Gorman

It is mid-September and the morning begins after a short (nearly) one mile hike to the top of the Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area (WMA) hawk watch, with temperatures at about 52F with a ground fog cover rising off of…

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Get Ready For Backyard Raptors! By Don Torino

It is just about the time of year for my phone to start ringing with calls that begin much like this “Help there is a hawk in my yard eating the birds at my feeder! What should I do?” My…

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REMEMBERING 9/11 – Treasuring the Stories By Regina Geoghan

It wasn’t my intention to write this. But here it is. Fourteen years have passed since that tragic, heart-breaking day. You would think that the memories have faded and that the anniversary would have less impact as time goes on.…

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Basics of the Food Chain By Thomas W. Gorman

Most people, myself included, when working in the back yard gardens and flower beds generally are focused at the task at hand. It could be simple things like planting, pruning or pulling weeds and the majority of the time you…

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Does anyone remember the lyrics to this song from Guys and Dolls?  “If I were a gate I’d be swinging; if I were a bell I’d be ringing.”  That is exactly how I felt upon returning home to city life…

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